"Rob is one of the finest improv teachers I've had the pleasure of working with.  He specializes in using improvisation for actors, not caricatures" -Aaron Speiser, coach to Academy Award nominees Will Smith, Virgina Madsen & more

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Intro to AdlerImprov

For Actors not Caricatures

Book a Feature Film not Saturday Night Live.  One month of AdlerImprov fundamentals so you can  get out of your head and make scripted scenes look improvised! Designed specifically for Film & Television Acting, Focus is on developing your ability to get out of your head and live in the moment. Starts the 1st Sunday of the month.  Some actors from the Intro Class will be invited into Advanced AdlerImprov.  

Sundays 1-3pm $199/4 weeks

Register Here 


Advanced AdlerImprov


Raise your game to the next level. This ongoing class uses both scripted and unscripted scenes and focuses on how to improvise emotion and create spontaneous subtext for the camera.

Sundays 3-6pm, ongoing.

$225/1month or $575/3months or $999/6months

Register Here 

Game Night

GAME NIGHT (Enrolled Students)

Game Night is a private drop-in class for AdlerImprov students enrolled in other classes. Get your game on.

Wednesday Nights 8-10PM $20


Register Here


Film Audition Prep


Film Audition Prep is an ON CAMERA class designed to perfect your FILM audition technique. The class will replicate the real world FILM audition process. You will work every class and learn the skills to book the movie. 12 People. 8 weeks. 

Tuesdays 7-10pm $330/8 weeks

Register Here




Music & Action

MUSIC & ACTION: Act. Move others.

im·pulse/ˈimˌpəls/- Noun, A sudden strong urge or desire to act. How can you better follow your impulses? 

What is the relationship between music and action? How can actors use music, beyond simply setting a mood? Great performances spring from truthful and personal impulses. In this highly physical workshop, actors will discover the nature of impulse, and use music to find the truth in relationships. Music & Action is a technique that starts at the very core of those impulses - answering the question, “What moves us?”

Saturdays 2-5pm $449

Register Here


AdlerImprov - Because Great Acting Looks Improvised




Start Date



Intro to AdlerImprov Sunday 1pm-3pm January 5    4 weeks West LA


Advanced AdlerImprov Sunday 3pm - 6pm Ongoing West LA Register



7pm - 10pm May 6 8 weeks Hollywood Register


Saturday 2pm - 5pm April 26 - May 31 Register
GAME NIGHT Wednesday 8pm - 10pm March 5  West LA


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Private Coaching

– Customized to fit each clients’ needs. AdlerImprov has experienced tremendous success helping clients book the job as well as bringing their performances to the next level.

Contact us for a quote.


Corporate Training

– AdlerImprov coaches corporate accounts, lawyers, and doctors, to improve their speaking, sales, communication abilities and team building.

Contact us for a quote.


Drop in Scene Study

– Open to graduates of Level 2. Get your Scene on the list! Register here.

$25 per class Register here



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